Automated AUR package building

In this post I will describe one of my software projects: The Arch User Repo build system AurBS. It is a python software that can automaticly build AUR packages so you don't need to compile your packages on your workstation anymore. Insted you can setup a server somewhere that checks every night for updated packages (or dependencies), rebuild the packages accordingly and publish them into a repo that can be used with pacman.

The installation is quite easy:

yaourt -S aurbs
systemctl enable mongodb
systemctl start  mongodb

If you want to get additional information like live buildlogs, a list of failed builds, etc you can set up the webui. A sample lighttpd config is available.

The packages that you want to build can be configured in /etc/aurbs.yml.


    - x86_64
    - i686


    - aurbs
    - batctl
    - merkaartor
    - pacserve

You will need to restart lighttpd to make the webui aware of config changes.

Afterwards you just need to run aurbs to start building. To rebuild every night I recommend setting up a cron job.


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